Friday, December 26, 2008

Find me a Jordon, ANY Jordon please

The number one pet peeve of mine nowadays is when people send me emails and address me as Jordon.  This bothers me on a number of different levels.
  1. My signature on all my emails from my work email address reads as Jordan Rose
  2. I have never met anyone who spells their name J-o-r-d-O-n (I would understand Jordin for the American Idol winner)
  3. The country and river Jordan are spelled as such.
  4. The letter A on a QWERTY keyboard is only two keys away from the D.  The O is all the way on the other end.
Now what is REALLY amazing is that this happens with about 50% of the new clients/employees that contact me.  It seems to be getting worse over the last few years too.  If anyone has any explanation why this seems to occur so frequently, I would love to hear it.  Arguably the most famous athlete of all-time spells his name with an A, so I'm not quite sure where the confusion comes from.

NOTE:  I just used blogger spell check on this and Jordin was highlighted as incorrect while Jordon was left alone.  Maybe there are some Jordons out there.


Mommy, Esq. said...

Dude, cry me a river. That is my life. My email address says "i" not "e" for one letter in my name. It is in my signature block. Yet even junior associates spell it wrong. I have to forgive the partners but I point out to the junior associates when the are wrong. Attention to detail, folks. Not that hard.

Jordan said...

Right but I have heard of many Kristens as well as Kristins. Common mistake. I haven't heard of any other Jordons.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Jordon. The Lions have a rookie LB named Jordon Dizon. And there is a Jordon Cooper out there who seems to be almost as big a nerd as you. Jordon.