Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mile High Surfing

My brother pointed out to me that a private company is looking to make in-flight internet a reality next year. Gogo (a pretty goofy name if you ask me) is offering internet on selected flights. So far only American, Delta and Virgin are planning on offering the service. American is already offering it on selected cross-country flights. Gogo is a service owned by Aircell, a private aviation broadband company.

I think the reality of allowing internet on flights is something that is long overdue. The price ($12.95) seems pretty fair for a long flight. If you just cut back and order two less vodka tonics during the flight you save up enough money to pay for it and you're more sober upon landing. I've been OK with watching movies on my laptop as an alternative (or doing work if I have to), but the idea of seeing a few flops in the air is intriguing. Would anyone actually pay for this service? Or do you enjoy the brief internet detox that air travel currently provides.


Mommy, Esq. said...

NO INTERNET/PHONE!! It is the ONE place in this universe I don't have to be working.

Anonymous said...

speaking as one who travels 150,000 miles a year in the air, i hope to get work done in the friendly skies and do less at home

plus, i plan on inventing the site and become filthy rich

Nate Rose said...

I've paid $10 for an hour of internet at the airport. Of course I will pay the same for 5 hours of internet on the way to Vegas. And yes, flops in the air sounds exciting.