Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sack Da-Da

While Lori and Josh were at church today, Alex and I were at home watching my Redskins finish 8-8 and completely derail themselves from a 6-2 start.  I ended up playing around with Alex (who is 23 months old for those who don't know) on the floor in front of the TV and Alex started playing one of his favorite games:  Sack Da-Da.  This basically consists of Alex standing a few feet away from me, saying "Sack Da-Da" and running at me while jumping in an attempt to sack me like a quarterback.  After I "play along" and fall down backwards, he then proceeds to say "Da-Da CRY!"  He wants me to fake-cry to pretend that the sack hurt.  This is the same kid who turns Yo Gabba Gabba's "Don't bite your friends" into "BITE FRIENDS!"

It's all in good fun and I am the one to blame (or thank) if he turns to a career as an NFL linebacker.  The game started as Sack Alex, as I would knock him down (carefully) as he ran at me.  I think he enjoys the new version much more though. 

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