Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sigur Ros

Some of you may have heard of the Icelandic band Sigur Ros. Those who have not and enjoy the ethereal sounds of Enya and other instrumental/new age/ambient music should give them a try. They recently released their 5th studio album titled Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust. I have no clue what that means or how to pronounce it, in fact nearly all of Sigur Ros' music contains Icelandic lyrics that make no sense to me. My personal taste in music does not depend on lyrics however, and the falsetto voice of the lead singer is a perfect complement to the other-worldly strings, guitars and percussion that sets the mood for each track. I actually stumbled upon this band thanks to Harry Potter of all people. I was reading a magazine interview of Daniel Radcliffe a few summers ago and he mentioned listening to Sigur Ros during the production of the 5th Harry Potter film and that the tone of the music fit the mood of the movie. I'm always looking for new bands/groups to listen to in the realm of new age music and decided to give it a try.

The video below is from an appearance on the Craig Kilborn show from a few years ago. The band is playing "Njosnavelin (The Nothing Song)" which I heard for the first time a few years ago. This is without a doubt my favorite Sigur Ros song and I just found out it was used at the end of Cameron Crowe's Vanilla Sky. When I first heard it I immediately thought that it would serve as a great background soundtrack for a film. I didn't realize that Crowe had already picked it for his 2001 film. I had seen the movie on DVD years ago but did not remember the song being in the film.

If you want to give Sigur Ros a try, download a few of the singles from ITunes to see if their post-rock Icelandic sound suits your musical taste. As a disclaimer, this recommendation comes from someone who loves Coldplay (insert your 40-year-old virgin jokes here) and thought Viva La Vida was the album of the year.

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