Thursday, December 18, 2008

So now i'm just like everyone else | Snow in Vegas!?!?

It seems like everyone is bloggin' these days. As when the cellphone wave hit everyone in the late 90's, I tried to stay away from conforming to the masses as long as I could. I have found lately though that I need a place to put some of my random thoughts and comments on life and pop culture in some sort of documented format. As most of you who know me are aware, I am a pop-culture junkie and love to discuss movies, TV shows, sports, etc... Hopefully those of you who share that interest will chime in on my various postings (until I decide to give this up). And yes, I am prone to bad writing habits (like using parenthesis a lot). This is my blog though so as Eric Cartman would say, "WhatEVAH.... I do what I want!" I do have a degree in Journalism though so that should count for something. I couldn't think of a very original/catchy title for this monstrosity, so I went with a play on Tag Team's classic hit.

For my first post, I wanted to share a bit of interesting news on the weather front. Seems that Vegas received an early Christmas snow last night. Over three inches! In VEGAS!?! I found this pretty cool picture of the Luxor (one of my favorite Vegas casinos) coated with a slight dusting of snow. Pretty bizarre and makes me slightly question global warming. I actually view it more as global chaos as weather seems to be getting more extreme (hot and cold) over the past few years. I'm still waiting for a solid snowfall in the DC area and I'm hoping that Xmas at the in-laws in Jersey will be a white one this year.

That's all for now. I hope to try to keep on top of this and update it regularly. Tell your friends (and enemies) to add me to whatever RSS reader they're using.



Anonymous said...

First to comment! :-P

Nate Rose said...

Second to comment. Damn...

If there is snow in Veags, then Al Gore is a dirty liar. I must go drive my hybrid now.

Unknown said...

Don't be fooled by the "warming" in Global Warming. Global Warming may actually cause the next Ice Age. Al Gore 2016!! That is if Global Warming hasn't killed us all by then :)

Jordan said...

What, you don't think my homeboy Barack can stop it himself?

Ben Simon said...

Jordan -

Congrats on joining the blogosphere. It's about time you showed up, we could really use a little humor around here ;-).