Tuesday, January 27, 2009

200th Kill for Jack Bauer

As the 7th season of Fox's 24 gets rolling (pretty drastic show of force by Dubaku last night), I wanted to make sure 24 fans are aware of the official kill tally for Jack Bauer. Last night's monumental 200th kill spans over 6+ days of ass-kicking. These stats can be found at www.bauercount.com, an online database that catalogs everything you could ever want to know about Jack's kills. The site chronicles kills from all seasons as well as the Redemption mini-movie from last year. The name of the deceased, the weapon used and the episode in which the kill takes place are all logged. I especially enjoy the images posted that depict the exact moment of each kill.

So far, season 7 is a little light on BauerViolence. I'm pretty sure Tony Almeda is beating him right now in the kill department (just checked and yep, almedacount.com is available). The previews for next week looks pretty intense through, so hopefully Jack can get his stats back up. After all, he's RUNNING... OUT... OF... TIME!!!

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