Friday, January 9, 2009

Can Obama Rescue College Football?

I have always been a much bigger fan of NCAA Division I Basketball than I am of NCAA Football (this has nothing to do with the fact that my Syracuse Orange finished 5-19 the past two seasons).  The main reason is the terrible system of bowl games that serve as the "postseason" in college football.  In college basketball, the National Champs are decided on the court in an epic 64-team throwdown.  In football, a bunch of nerds that love to write (hey wait a minute....) and some computer programs get together and rank the teams based on a complicated formula to determine who had the best season.  

Several coaches and sports figures have clamored for some sort of postseason format in lieu of the BCS rankings.  The bowl system could still be utilized to play out the games and would without a doubt prove which team is the most deserving champion.  Proponents of the current screwy BCS system claim that the format makes for the most exciting regular season in sports.  Oh really??  Is it exciting to watch your team lose their first game of the season and realize in September that the rest of the season is meaningless and that you pretty much just threw away any chance at a championship in game one!??  With a playoff system in place, many more schools would be interested in the regular season and it would give mid-major schools like Utah and Boise State a chance to dream for a title.

Well my next President and champion of hope, Barack Obama, has thrown his hat into the ring and agrees with revamping the BCS to produce a postseason playoff tournament.  He reiterated his sentiments today after Florida claimed the "title" and Utah was left in the number two spot in the rankings after being the only team without a loss this season.  While I do think that fixing the BCS is issue number #256 or #257 on the list of things he needs to accomplish while in office, I'm glad he's voicing his opinion on the matter.  

Hopefully all the pig-headed athletic directors and bowl chairmans across the country decide to take some of the "Change" Barack is bringing to Washington and sprinkle it on the college football postseason.  Until then, I'll be glued to the TV for March Madness and asleep during the bowl season in December and January.

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