Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change has come to E-Government

At 12:01 PM today just after Barack Obama became our President, www.whitehouse.gov was transformed as part of the new administration change.  The colors and fonts are very similar to those used at barackobama.com.  After witnessing the brilliant web campaign run during the election process, I expect the new whitehouse.gov will help make this Presidency an interactive one.  There already are 5 entries on the Presidential blog and it seems that Barack (err President Obama) will continue to embrace the new media approach of connecting with the American people.  

My theory is that if the highest office in the country takes pride in creating an interactive and dynamic website that other major organizations will follow, thus increasing the need for developers and consultants to assist with the development and maintenance work involved in building these sites, giving consultants like myself a greater sense of job security going forward in this industry.  In short, I'm very happy that President Obama is in office.

UPDATE (8:22 PM): Looks like I beat CNN on this one.  They now are reporting a similar take on the new website. Also, you can subscribe to the White House blog through this feed here. I already have.

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Omar said...

Nice, clean, easy to navigate. Of course, since it's a website for the new administration, much of what's on there is still rhetoric and promises without any policy to back it up.

Of course, I'm only writing this on Day 2 of the Obama Administration. I'll give him another couple of days. :-)