Friday, January 23, 2009

Germans are "Colorful"

The fine people at Neatorama posted a link to this photo, spanning 100 meters in length, which chronicles the Warschauer Strasse railway station bridge in Berlin over the time frame of 20 days. The photographer, Simon Høgsberg, claims that only a few people realized that they were being photographed. I noticed a few key themes when viewing this quirky piece of art:

  • A: Germans are weird (we already know they love David Hasslehoff)
  • B: A lot of people seem to be looking at pieces of paper or talking on phones
  • C: The two people near the center of the picture with matching eye bandages really creep me out big time

Bonus point for spotting the one punky German who's flipping the bird at the camera.


Mommy, Esq. said...

Did you see the guy with the baby in the sling? To the left of the 2 eye patchers. Very cool - no mom/wife in site.

Can't I come up with a new blog name for you - ? Or I enjoy the title of your blog.

Jordan said...

Actually, I just tried and it is taken (I like that name). I could also go with, but when it's all bunched together it doesn't have the same impact.

I'm just not feeling the URL and want to change it.