Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Meet Your New Amazing Racers

The 14th (GASP!) season of the best reality show on TV, The Amazing Race, kicks off next month. CBS has posted bios on all 11 race teams including a team featuring the first ever deaf contestant. We have the usual standard cookie-cutter teams like the cheerleaders, the old people, the sistahs and of course the token Asian team. Another team is comprised of two middle-aged men under 5 feet in height. I would reveal my favorite but I will probably be participating in a pool for this season so I will not give my competition an edge.

Here's an interview clip from the best looking racers on the show (Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders Cara and Jaime):

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Mommy, Esq. said...

The two "token" Asians are brother and sister who are a partner and associate at law firms (respectively). I'm excited for him although he was an idiot and called Africa a "country". Well, lawyers don't get out much. I LOVE the Amazing Race. Awesome editing.