Friday, January 2, 2009

NFL Playoffs: High Drama in January

For my money there are only two post-season tournaments in sports that sit high atop the list of must-see TV for a sports fan. The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament in March is #1 followed by the NFL Playoffs which begin tomorrow with two wild card games. Both playoff formats feature a one-and-down scenario that sets the two apart from the other three major team sports playoffs. In baseball, basketball and hockey the playoffs consist of multi-game series that run in best-of-five or best-of-seven formats. While this series-based system of post season scheduling does help decide a true champion based on multiple matchups with the same team (home and away), the pure drama of the games pale in comparison with what you see in the NFL and NCAA basketball.

The fact that a wild card team can play four straight road games and win the Superbowl as the Giants did last year makes the NFL playoffs that much more exciting. Each and every game in the NFL playoffs is a do-or-die situation. One loss and your season is over, there's no game two to bail you out. This why I look forward to the NFL playoffs every year even when my (8-8) team is out of it.  

It all starts tomorrow at 4:30 PM so even if you don't call yourself a sports fan, tune in for the last two minutes of one of these wild card games this weekend, especially if it's a close game.  With all four games featuring point spreads of 3 points or less, we should be in for some tight games.

For the record, I like (well I actually hate the team) the Giants to win the Superbowl over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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