Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Prison Broke

I used to be a fan of Fox's Prison Break. The series produced by Director Brett Ratner chronicled the plight of Michael and Lincoln Scofield. I was engrossed in the series for the first two seasons but after breaking out of prison a couple of times, the whole concept became ridiculous and tedious to follow. With so many characters and conspiracy plots (hello Heroes!) to keep track of, it just wasn't worth the space on my DVR anymore. I tapped-out for good at the beginning of this season.

Today we get news that the series has (finally) been axed. Looks like only a few more episodes are left in the queue. I know Doe will be sad, but now he can concentrate on a much more polished show like *cough* *cough* Fringe. So it seems that the creepy actor who plays T-Bag will need to find some work.

When you think about it, 24 (which is back and kick-ass as ever) really is the only series that has been able to sustain a recurring theme (one real time day = a season) through multiple seasons.


Doe said...

I am free! It was still good fluff TV for me, and I had so much vested in these stupid characters, it wasn't a big deal to tivo or torrent and have the show on while doing other things.

Nate Rose said...

Uhh, I think the recurring theme in 24 is that Jack Bauer has to save the world. Not that it happens in 24 realtime hours. That isn't a theme.

Also, for all you internet nerds, watch Firday Night Lights. It is awesome and needs to be recognized.

Jordan said...

You have to have DirecTV to watch it though right?

Doe said...

If you can find every movie known to mankind, you can find Friday Night Lights via torrent. It is definitely my favorite show as well.

Back to Prison Break: while the show probably jumped the shark at the end of season 2, when everyone ended up in a Panamanian jail, it really jumped the shark for me at the beginning of this season. Let's set the scene. T-Bag (the best actor on the show) and his Hispanic accomplice end up stranded in the desert. As they walk along in the heat, the accomplice goes nuts and tries to kill T-Bag, basically to eat him. Of course, T-Bag gets the upper hand and kills his friend. And of course, he eats him.

Later on, T-Bag is seen walking along, and he is dry-heaving because, well, you know. Luckily, he runs into some frat boys in dune buggies who must be on spring break. The one guy goes, "Dude, it looks like you had some bad Mexican." To which T-Bag replies, "Something like that." Fonzie, rev that engine.

Jordan said...

So instead of jumping the shark we could call it "Eating the Mexican". I'm gonna use that term from now on.

Friday Night Lights (like the Wire) is not a question of access, it's a question of time. So many other shows dominate my free time. Don't forget Survivor and TAR are back next month.