Friday, January 30, 2009

Really Weird Dream

I'm assuming I probably have some sort of dream every night. Most of my dreams vanish as I wake up and I completely forget what they were about. Last night I had a very strange one and remember it vividly.

I was on a vacation with Lori and the kids somewhere in Florida. For some reason the Olympics were being held nearby and I wanted to go. I bought a single ticket for myself (not sure why) and the next thing I know I'm in a small indoor arena. Apparently the sport is indoor rugby (wtf?) and I look at my program and notice that the defending champion is the University of Pittsburgh (I told you this was weird).

The game is about to start (I think Pittsburgh was playing another school... IN THE OLYMPICS) and the punk next to me (a tattooed rocker guy) starts taking a video of his girlfriend while leaning over into my lap basically to shoot the video. He is pushing me out of the way and I get mad at him (his girlfriend tells him to stop too). He ends up shoving me, I get up push him down and start to punch him several times in the face until he is crying and bleeding on the floor next to the seat. I tell his girlfriend I'm sorry but she says "he deserves it". I decide at that point that I don't care about the game and leave the arena and drive back home. On the way home on the radio I hear a report about the guy I beat up and that he's the bass guitarist for Def Leppard (in my dream he seemed to look more like someone from Good Charlotte).

Lori and the kids are eating dinner at home, watching the Olympics on TV and are surprised to see me come in the door. For some random reason (as if any of this is NOT random), my brother Nate and my friend Rob Whitney are at the house with Lori and the kids. Nate is in the process of scolding me and telling me that I should not have paid $30 for the Olympic ticket and should have just written a letter to NBC asking for a free ticket. In the process of listening to Nate's rant I wake up, thankfully before this got any stranger. I'm not sure what it all means, but I hope I don't have that dream again.

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