Saturday, January 31, 2009

Review: Frost/Nixon

I was slightly dreading Frost/Nixon as I knew it was very heavy on dialogue and heavy on politics.  Ron Howard manages to pace the film well throughout and builds the tension for the interview portion of the movie.  The interview between David Frost and Richard Nixon plays out like a four-round heavyweight fight.  Instead of jabs, hooks and crosses, the two key combatants trade barbs, interjections and long-winded answers.  Howard goes a good job in hyping the interview and peaking out interest.  Both leads, Michael Sheen (Frost) and Frank Langella (Nixon) do a quality job with delivering their scenes effectively.  Langella probably gives his best performance since he played Skeletor in He-Man.

Overall the movie kept my interest throughout but the film seems to tail off after the final interview session and I found myself not being fully satisfied with the result.  Thus-far this is definitely the worst of the Best Picture nominees I have seen (still need to see Milk and The Reader).  I'm not sure how/why the Academy decided to nominate this over The Dark Knight or Wall-E, but I do give some kudos to Howard on this one.  He managed to make a movie about the production and execution of an interview into a gripping drama.  3.5 JRs on this one (check my slick new rating scale images above).


T. said...

That's freaking hilarious with the JRs. I agree with you that this was a good but not great film. Very very impressed with the performances - by the end, I felt like I was really watching Nixon. I'm a big Watergate buff, so I'm glad I saw it, but not sure if it's Best Picture type material.

Anonymous said...

Love your JR's ratings!