Friday, January 16, 2009

Scan and Bag in the Aisle at Giant?

Walking into Giant this morning to pickup a few things I noticed a new fancy docking station for numerous hand-held bar code scanners. As with all "new" things/products, I was instantly intrigued and stopped to read the particulars. Apparently with Scan It, you scan your Giant card and grab one of these things (and some bags) to take with you on your shopping excursion. You can then scan your items on-the-fly and put them in bags in your cart. Once you get to checkout, the system sends all your scanned info to the cashier station and you pay with your card and get out of dodge.

Again like self checkout, Giant is putting you on the honor system to scan exactly what you put in your cart. I can see people making more "mistakes" this way though. It does seem like it would speed things up for a large shopping trip. I was only buying a couple things so I did not attempt to holster the scanning weapon this time around. I'm curious to see if any of the shopping experts out there (my wife for example) believe that this technique would save time. Essentially you don't need to take your items back out of your cart until you get to the car. No need to use the conveyor belt at checkout.

On a side note, I'm still getting used to the new Giant logo (left side below) vs the old one (right side) which I've become very accustomed to over my lifetime of living in this area.


Mommy, Esq. said...

I hate when I put the items in a particular order in my cart and on the belt and they don't bag it that way. What's with baggers putting canned goods with breads, meats with veggies, etc.? Grr.

Jordan said...

Lori has a whole system during her grocery trips (keep frozen things together, etc...). When I go with her I am not allowed to disrupt the process. I'm not sure if this new gadget would work with her system or not.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the Scan It, and while inept baggers are definitely top 3 on my list of pet peeves, I just don't see how the system will save me any time. For example, I like to keep all boxed goods together... but pastas are in aisle 3, cereals in 5, crackers in 7, etc. It would take me longer to sort as I go in order to keep things bagged properly. It's so much easier to sort as I put things on the belt at checkout. Which is why it really chaps my @$$ when the bagger can't figure out, hey look, all the cold stuff is together and all the canned items can go on the bottom of the bag! I realize that at $7/hour I'm not getting Einstein at the checkout counter, but still, a little training goes a long way.

Doe said...

Saw it several months ago, have tried it a few times because I like gadgets. It is definitely not for cart shopping. It isn't any faster than self-checkout, because the process of checking out after using the gadget is a bit weird.