Monday, January 19, 2009

What the Frack is Going On Here

DISCLAIMER:  This post is a review/discussion of the first of the final 10 episodes of Battlestar Galactica that premiered Friday night.  If you have not seen it and don't want spoilers, please move on.  If you do not care about Battlestar Galactica, please move on.  Thanks

It's been a long wait in between BSG season 4.0 and season 4.5, but the premiere of 4.5 (Sometimes a Great Notion) was well worth it in my opinion.  I was surprised on many levels with the amount of key information that was revealed to us.  To touch on a few topics:

1.  The surprising suicide of Dee

I was never really a fan of her character on the show and I viewed her as mostly background noise but Kandyse McClure's performance in Sometimes a Great Notion was very solid and really drew me into the character of Dee and her relationship with Lee Adama.  Up until she capped herself in the head that is.  It was definitely a DVR rewinding moment that truly was a curve ball thrown by the writers.  McClure made me care about a character I had nothing invested in before this episode, which leads me to...

2.  Admiral Adama's drunken rage

Supreme acting by Edward James Olmos as he goes on a Jack Daniels tirade over the death of Dee.  His scenes with Colonel Tigh were great.  How he (or anyone on this show) has never taken home an Emmy is beyond me.

3.  Starbuck 2.0?

It was chilling to see the corpse of Starbuck in the viper on Earth.  I really don't have an explanation of how she died and came back unless she is a Cylon herself.  It seemed that the other members of the Final Five died in a previous life at some point on Earth and I assumed this proves that Starbuck is the last of the Final Five, but...

4.  Ellen is the Final member of the Five???

Didn't see this one coming at all.  It seems a bit pointless too because she's dead now.  Maybe there is another Ellen model out there somewhere though that Saul will now be looking for.  This was the only real letdown from the episode for me.

Comments from you BSG watchers?  I need some clarification on some of the events from a kick-ass start of the final 10 episodes.


Mommy, Esq. said...

I read this theory that Ellen is really Six - just older. But then I read an interview with Ron Moore and he said she is definitely the Final Five. He also said the show may not get any's hoping. It was really scary to see what happens to human kind when there is no hope left - no Earth. I totally don't understand how the Cylons could be the 13th colony - unless the Cylons (Six, etc.) are a different race than the Final Five and somehow humans created a new race of cylons and this is just all another cycle. So confusing.

Omar said...

Wow. Ellen Tigh. Totally didn't see that one coming.

As far as Starbuck is concerned, here's what I'm thinking. I'm thinking Kara is a 13th model. The number has a significance: 13 colonies, 13 models. But then I'm also thinking about Baltar. He has visions of Six (and of himself), just as Six has visions of Baltar. I'm guessing that Baltar is a Cylon as well. Who's to say that there are ONLY 12 models?