Thursday, February 5, 2009

Boston Bound

Well I knew it couldn't last forever. I had a nice run of working locally in the McLean area for about 4 months now. This was a welcome relief from my constant trips to Seattle in the first half of 2008. The first part of this week I was back in Boston to work on a project for a health insurance client out in Watertown, MA. I was hoping I could work the rest of the project remotely (they have a Feb 27th deadline for rolling out a new portion of their site).

I'm now scheduled to be up there for at least 3 days a week until the end of the month. It's not really the travel that bothers me, it's leaving my wife and kids at home alone. My wife is due to deliver our first daughter in May and I don't like the idea of her taking care of the kids on her own while she's going through her pregnancy. At least the kids will be at day care during the day most of the time. Thankfully I was able to negotiate not working the whole week up there. With VPN access it is pretty easy to continue my work remotely. Since I'll be gone during the week, I decided to cancel my snowmobiling trip with my Father-in-law (I won't be missing the Oscars after all). Unfortunately, due to the current state of the economy, I need all the billable work I can get so there's no way around the travel at this point. I just need to minimize it as much as I can.

The silver lining is that I'll be able to save us some money (I won't use much gas or eat as much food from the grocery store) and I'll probably get a chance to pop in on Mommy Esq and her family. In March I should be back working locally in Virginia and I'll try to continue lining up local work for timing with the new arrival in May.

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Anonymous said...

least you don't travel 200 + days a year my friend :)