Sunday, February 1, 2009

Denny's Wins the Super Bowl

One of the most exciting Super Bowls in history was played tonight as the Steelers edged out the Cardinals.  Overall I was dissapointed again by the level or creativity in the ads this time around.  Only a choice few made me chuckle and there were far too many ads involving animals.  Animals just aren't that funny unless they're monkeys.  The Denny's ads were very good though (surprising considering it's Denny's, I mean DENNY'S, cmon...).  Check the ad below from Hulu (who put together an excellent ad themselves featuring Alec Baldwin).

Right after the game there was an even better Denny's ad featuring NannerPuss (a pancake-eating banana).  Can't find that video right now though and I need to watch The Office and then catch a few hours of sleep. Thanks to Tamara, the video for NannerPuss is below! Looks like this first-time Super Bowl ad campaign for Denny's is taking a toll on their website which won't load for me. Rookies.

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Anonymous said...

Gets funnier the more you watch it.