Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fringe: Life Imitates Art

WARNING: This post contains some spoilers from Tuesday night's episode of Fringe.

You've been warned....

Last night's Fringe was an excellent return to the quality story arc of "The Pattern" as we learn more about John Scott's past and deal with another deadly biological weapon. The weapon this time around is some sort of drug that turns a regular average Joe into an overgrown hedgehog. The opening scene of The Transformation was especially kick-ass in an X-Filesy way as we see the hedgehog wreak havoc on an unsuspecting plane full of people. I enjoyed the John Scott arc and how Olivia gets to see him in a suspended state at Massive Dynamic. Joshua Jackson was especially good as Peter in this episode. I loved his chemistry with Anna Torv in the scenes in the hotel during the weapon deal.

Speaking of Torv, I just found out that she actually just got married to Mark Valley, the actor who plays none other than on-screen love interest John Scott! Wow, talk about good casting. It doesn't look like Scott will be around much longer but at least Valley got to meet his wife on the show. Looks like next week we get back to the gripping side-plot involving the time travelling creepy old dude. Right now, in my opinion, it's Fringe running neck-and-neck with Battlestar Galactica for the title of Best Show on TV. BSG has a slight edge in an amazing final set of episodes.

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Mommy, Esq. said...

I loved Scott in Keen Eddie - with Sienna Miller! I too enjoyed the ep - watched it last night with my dad.