Friday, February 27, 2009

Kaddo'in it Right

Out on the grind here in the Boston area, my co-workers and I decided to go out for dinner. Unfortunately, I work with a lot of Indian tech guys who are vegetarian and we need to cater to their taste when choosing a restaurant. Fortunately, I love Indian food so we usually end up at a place I enjoy. Last night we ventured out to Helmand, an Afghan restaurant in Cambridge recommended by the up and coming Boston food critic Theresa (of BostonDish).

The restaurant is not eye catching from the outside as it's located on the edge of nice and sketchy and has no external decoration. It looks as if it is a nondescript health clinic on the outside. Inside, the decor is very Middle Eastern and the scene is very festive with everyone seeming to be enjoying themselves. We sat in the back room (no reservation) and enjoyed a very good meal that was surprisingly cheap ($30 for appetizer, entree and wine). The main dish I ordered was Lamb Lawand which tasted very Indian in origin and featured an excellent side of rice and creamed spinach. The flatbread served throughout the meal was slightly addicting and resembled the bread served at Cosi for sandwiches. The highlight of the meal was the appetizer though. Theresa suggested we try Kaddo but once I read the ingredients I had second thoughts. Tell me if this sounds appetizing: pumpkin covered with ground beef sauce and yogurt. That did NOT sound like a good combination but I trusted the expert's recommendation and we ordered it. The combination worked completely and the dish was very unique and tasty. Somehow the slight saltiness of the ground beef sauce provided the perfect compliment to the sweetness of the baked pumpkin. All in all it turned out to be an excellent choice.

I might have to go seek out some Kaddo with Lori back in the DC area. For more information, check out Theresa's BostonDish review of Helmand.

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T. said...

I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! There's a Helmand in Baltimore too, so if you are ever in that neck of the woods...