Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Know Your 50 States

I like to pride myself on my geography skills (I minored in Geography at Syracuse). I know almost all of the US state capitals by heart and can't believe any self-respecting American would not be able to fill out the names of all 50 states on a map. What is slightly tough, however, is typing all of the states in 5 minutes. mental_Floss has a quiz up that tests your memory and spelling skills. I was a little frustrated that I could not get all 50 in the alotted time (the ONE state I missed is pictured on this page - sorry cheeseheads). I started doing the east coast first then my brain wandered to the west coast and I forgot about the home of the Badgers.

I did try one other quiz on mental_Floss about License Plates and pulled a 15/15. One of the plates was easy as the deadbeats that live next door to us have about three or four cars with the same plate.

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