Thursday, February 26, 2009

Memes and LOLs

Every few years an Internet buzzword catches fire and people in droves begin using it all over the net. A few years ago LOL was all the rage and now thanks to The Facebook (as I like to call it), "meme" is the word du Jour. Apparently meme is pronounced mee-mm (like theme) and originates from the Greek word mimic. In the Web 2.0 world, meme refers to some text-based activity/game passed from person to person through sites like Facebook. I myself have written a few Facebook notes that would be considered "memes" by people who enjoy using web 2.0 jargon.

I will not conform to this way of web-speak as I hate the sound of that word and don't choose to use it. What's wrong with calling it a note (as it is defined in Facebook as one). I choose to take the same road when it comes to web acronyms like LOL or ROFLMAO. LOL got so bad a few years ago that people put it in most every email or AOL chat message. If I find something funny through electronic communication, I will respond with "Ha" or "HA HAAA" or "that's fucking funny." I don't need to resort to goofy acronyms to express my laughter. LOL is still one my top 10 pet peeves. And are you REALLY Laughing OUT LOUD?? I doubt it. I bet only 5 or 10 percent of the time someone types LOL while actually physically laughing loudly.

I guess I just don't believe we have to create new pseudo-words to assist with communication in a digital age. We already have all the words we need to communicate properly. Maybe I'm being a curmudgeon but I know others that feel the same way.

(I do like me some LOL CATS though)


Mommy, Esq. said...

I have Never, Ever, Never used LOL (except just then). It is THE WORST.

T. said...

I agree wholeheartedly! I do not understand most of those acronyms and think it is mostly just laziness. "These kids today."

There is only one that I have embraced and that is WTF. I love that one because it allows me to swear without being crude.

Anonymous said...

I am a very honest person. Everytime I write "ROFL", it is because I have actually just been on the ground, rolling back and forth, and laughing. When I write "ROFLOL", I have not just been rolling around on my office floor and laughing, but have also been laughing out loud so that others who walk by my office can not only see my jubilation, but hear it. I love using those acronyms, becasue it is an easy way for me to express what I am doing in my office after someone has said something hilarious. Plus, I am usually so tired from rolling around on the cramped floor of my office, that typing "I am rolling on my floor and laughing at what you just said, friend" is just too time consuming.

Omar said...

I was ROFLOL with your mom. I call her "meme."

Jordan said...

My mom reads this blog you evil evil little man.