Saturday, February 7, 2009

Olympic-Level Munchies

This week everyone has been in a tizzy about Michael Phelps and his infamous bong hit. The talking heads in the media have mixed reactions on the story with some calling the "issue" basically a non-issue and others calling for Phelps to be banned permanently. I find it hard to believe that this has become such a major issue. Phelps is basically a kid (23). College kids experiment with drugs. It's actually quite normal. I did it in my time and I turned out OK. If we're talking about heroin or crack here then the situation gets more complex. This was just marijuana and on the deadly drug scale, I would put weed near the bottom.

Now I know he's supposed to be a "role model" for today's youth. This is true, and I'm sure he will try his best not to slip up again. If he wants to experiment with drugs he should do it in the confines of his own house and not on some random campus in South Carolina. Sure, Phelps still has some growing up to do, but to grill him mercilessly about this one incident is ridiculous. I hope this story fades away from the sports pages as soon as possible. I don't think it's fair to tarnish Phelps' accomplishments in the Olympics with what I consider to be a very minor incident.


T. said...

So minor. It really annoys me that this is being made into such a big deal!!

Mommy, Esq. said...

I think what people don't realize is that with his learning disabilities and the fact he was training for years all hours of the day that he is more like a 16 year old than a 23 year old. But this goes to show that in today's Internet age nothing is safe. When I was in college you could make stupid mistakes but now it seems like every infraction is a permanent scar on your record and future. Not fair when kids need to learn how to be adults and that comes with mistakes that should be allowed to be forgotten by everyone other than the person committing the infraction.