Tuesday, March 10, 2009

American Idol - Top 13 Projection

Last year was my first year of being sucked into the American Idol machine.  I had avoided the show like the plague for years but once I sat down and watched last season from start to finish I was hooked.  Sometimes the singing can be quite good and I'm a sucker for elimination reality television (Idol, Amazing Race, Survivor and Celebrity Apprentice all holds season pass spots on my DVR).  The top 13 in this season of Idol face off tonight and while Stacey can probably do a better job of recapping/predicting this thing, I thought I would give my picks for the order of finish amongst the 13 finalists.  Note: It's Michael Jackson night tonight, so look out for Anoop Dogg!

#13 - Jorge - I was unimpressed with him everytime I saw him sing in the prelims.  I predict he will suck on MJ night.

#12 - Megan - Her constant wobbling and scary tattoo hurt her chances.  I don't even think her voice is that good.

#11 - Allison - Too much of an underdog to go far here.  Not sure if MJ night will work for her either.

#10 - Kris - Nice enough guy who looks sorta like my sister-in-law's boyfriend.  He's not memorable enough though to stick out and go far in the competition.  He sang Man in the Mirror last time around and could rock it again on MJ night tonight.

#9 - Michael - The oil rig guy who's "super nice" and a fan favorite.  I believe that by the 5th elimination, people will realize that he can't sing very well.

#8 - Matt - People really like him for some reason even though he butchered Coldplay.  I don't think he's as "bluesy" as the judges do.

#7 - Scott - He will play the blind card as far as he can but he just isn't marketable enough to win this thing.

#6 - Jasmine - The youth factor will work well for her and she could actually sneak into the top 5.

#5 - Alexis - She's cute and can sing well.  If it wasn't for Lil, she'd be the last female standing.

#4 - Anoop - Definitely a fan favorite and hopefully can put together a string of good performances to get this far.  He's not really marketable as a pop artist though so I don't see him cracking the final three.

#3 - Danny - Great voice and a feel-good back story about his wife dying.  I think he'll get a ton of votes on the way and could actually win the whole thing (the last three are almost a toss-up).

#2 - Adam - He already looks like he's in My Chemical Romance or something.  Big voice and looks like he's a natural performer from his Broadway background.  He and Danny will fight it out for best male.

#1 - Lil - It's Ms. Rounds' competition to lose right now.  She has a great stage presence and can channel Mary J Blige when she needs to.   I wonder if she may fall into the Melinda Doolittle trap though where she was so much better than the other contestants that there was a voting backlash in the top three.

Should be an interesting finals and I'm excited to see some good MJ action tonight.

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T. said...

I like your rankings!! Mine are just a little different from 13 to 6, but my top 5 are the same. Kinda dropped the ball on the pool thing, sorry! However, I will still be watching and eagerly reading recaps!