Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bahamian Rhapsody

So here I am chilling in the hotel lobby after a full day outside in the sun while Lori enjoys a 90-minute spa treatment.  We're having a good relaxing time here at the Our Lucaya Resort.  I hate that the word "Our" is in the name.  I guess it's not yours or mine, but Our resort.  Lori has a good synopsis of yesterday's events.  Today we actually slept in late (if you call 9 AM late) and went across the coast past the Westin hotel to a very nice fitness center.  After our attempt to play tennis got thwarted (crowded courts, steep prices), we spent most of the day by the beach and the pool near our hotel.  I managed to venture into the Caribbean blue of the Atlantic Ocean for a bit (and tried not to let Enya's song get in my head).  After lunch by the beach and a few Sands brews I enjoyed the pool a little, read and relaxed listening to my cellphone (which in the Carribean becomes solely an iPod).  I wanted to get a Gully Wash which consists of coconut water, sweet milk and gin but the bartender said (in his cool Bahamian accent) "We all out of Gully Wash."  Bummer.  I may try again tomorrow.  Cool techie side note:  Since my phone has WiFi enabled, I can just walk through the lobby of the hotel, switch on my wireless and sync up with my Outlook on the fly even without Sprint mobile access.  I can then browse my email at my lesiure later on.  Technology rules.

Tonight we may venture to a Latin fusion restaurant close-by and possibly hit the resort casino for a few low-minimum Caribbean Stud hands.  Tomorrow I'll be going with Lori to a spinning class in the morning (gotta work off all the food and drink I'm consuming) and then I have a tee-time at 1:30 tomorrow at the nearby Reef Course.  It'll be my first 18-hole round of 2009 and I'm a bit leery of the fact that there is no driving range at the course.  I'll still probably get there early to work on my putting and short game.  Unfortunately, we found out when we arrived yesterday that one of the resort activities is movie trivia and it's held at 1 PM tomorrow.  I'll have to miss it but at least everyone else will have more fun playing since I won't be there to dominate.

I'll leave you with some choice pictures (click for larger versions) I took today and I'll probably catch up on Battlestar now (I heart Slingbox) until Lori gets back and we head to dinner.  Needless to say, the weather here is perfect.  There are no bugs in sight and it'll be tough getting back to reality on Monday.

The back view of our hotel

Me draining buckets on the bball court this morning

One of the many pools on the resort property

A panorama of the vast beach area behind our hotel

A poolside Asian restaurant (we haven't seen Dana Delany yet)


Mommy, Esq. said...

Looks awesome. You are inspiring me to try and plan a vacation sands kids. We promised starting next summer (2010) that we'd send the kids to his parents for 2 weeks every summer. They are excited about it. Suckers.

Mommy, Esq. said...

Clearly I meant sans. The excitement of having both my teams still in the Amazing Race running has gone to my head. I won't give it away since you may not have watched on your slingbox. When are you coming to Boston again so I can feed you and we can hang out?

Jordan said...

My wife will come before I come back I think. I am so pissed at Margie and Luke. They cost me $30!