Monday, March 9, 2009

Going Home - 100th Post!

Well it took the whole trip for me to realize, but we actually had an Ethernet cable in our hotel room and did not need to traipse down to the lobby to use the net.  We're packing up the room right now and will go do some breakfasting and some shopping before heading back to the shack that serves as the Freeport Airport.  At about 7:00 tonight we'll be back in DC.  It was nice to be able to enjoy another late sleeping day this morning (the last one I'll get for a while I suppose) despite the infestation of Spring Breakers at the hotel.  About 600 students from various Florida schools "UCF!  GO GATORS!  SPRING BREAK RULES!  WOOOOOOOOOOHHH!" descended upon our hotel.  I'm pretty sure if we stick around some more I'll get on another Girls Gone Wild video.  We heard yesterday that the resort normally wouldn't allow a large group of college kids to book up rooms at the hotel but since the economy is so bad right now (you can really see the trickle-down effect over here), they made an exception.  Thankfully the swarm came yesterday and not on Friday.

The highlight for me yesterday was playing 18 at the Reef Course nearby.  The course was in so-so shape and was totally not worth the $85 (twilight rate) I payed for it.  It was the emptiest I'd ever seen a golf course and I went out solo and powered through the round in just under 2.5 hours.  I must have passed about 4 or 5 groups.  And as I thought, when I don't have to wait for long stretches, I play better.  My driver was in fine form (straight and long) and I eeked out an 89 finishing par-par on 17 and 18.  Pretty damn good start to the golf season as I don't think I broke 90 at all last year.  Now I have the golf itch and will be looking to squeeze in a couple rounds before Daughter comes out in May.  Interestingly, one of the groups I passed said that the emptiness of the courses around here is the norm.  They said they usually drive to the different courses looking for the one with no cars in the parking lot and play there.

Finally, this is a milestone post for the blog.  Post #100!! When I started back in December, I wasn't sure I would enjoy this enough to get to 100 posts.  I definitely do enjoy it though and plan to.  Are people generally enjoying this "project"?  Or is it too random for your tastes?  Feedback as always is welcome and encouraged (yes even the deep meaningful "Beat it Nerd" posts that my brother leaves).  Time to leave this tropical paradise behind.  I miss my two little men though so it'll be good to see them again tonight.


Mommy, Esq. said...

ANOTHER Girls Gone Wild Video? That deserves some explanation!

Lynn said...

Jordan, I love your blog. Don't stop doing it!!!

Jordan said...

Lori and I were in a GGW video before when we went to Mardi Gras in New Orleans a while ago (2000 maybe?). We weren't exposed at all but were just in the background as people were catching beads. My friend Chris spotted us in the video and told us about it.

Stacey said...

Damn! I just finished my 106th post and totally forgot to track/comment when I hit a 100. I'm impressed - I've been blogging since October or thereabouts and just got to 100.