Saturday, March 28, 2009

Microsoft Tag

Thanks to Kenan, I was introduced to Microsoft Tag today.  Tag is a new method of transmitting information via a colorful bar code image.  If a cellphone user downloads the free tag reader, he/she can use their phone's camera to capture the image and view or visit the intended information or website.  Now this may sound complex, but it really is fairly simple and those of you who have camera phones (don't we all these days) can try it out.  

  • Step 1:  Visit the tag site and download the free reader to your phone.
  • Step 2:  Install the reader and start the application.
  • Step 3:  Point your phone at the image above and your phone's browser will be instantly directed to my site.  

This technology has multiple benefits in print media.  Imagine going to a conference where companies want to direct you to their website for more information.  Instead of listing a long URL you have to type into the phone, companies can add the multi-colored tag image to their literature allowing attendees to quickly find further information about certain products.   Additional uses for tag include passing free text as well as vCard (contact info) data.   If more people begin to adopt this type of technology I can totally envision the advent of virtual business cards.  I know people can beam contact info from PDA to PDA but this would be even easier.  You just display the tag image on your phone screen and let the other person read the tag with their reader.  Easy seamless sharing of information.  I am actually still amazed that paper-based business cards are still the norm.  I predict in 10 years that the majority of business cards will be shared through some sort of electronic medium.

Tag seems pretty cool, but as with all technologies, an idea is only successful if people buy into it.  We'll see if this method of information sharing gains any traction over the next few years.  After all, I dismissed Twitter as a flash in the pan early on but as society (particularly celebs) took to it, it caught on in a major way.  By the way I did finally join The Twitter (I'm slowly warming up to it), so feel free to follow me @jordanlrose. I felt I had to join since my Mom sent me an invite. I mean I can't let her be more net savvy than me.

Now go try and make your own Tags and embrace technology!  Bonus points for the first person to comment on this post with the phrase I embedded in the tag below...

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