Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Motowning It on Idol Tonight

Well it looks like we're in for Motown night on Idol this evening. Haven't they already done Motown many times before in previous seasons? I guess you have to repeat certain themes when you get to Season 8 of a singing competition (whenever I type those two words, Simon's pronunciation jumps in my head). After Alexis was undeservedly voted off last week (Megan Joy needs to GOoooo), we have a final 10 performing tonight. Once again I'll give you my three picks to bring down the house and some potential disasters.

Most Likely to Get Their Groove On:

Danny - Mark my word, he will have the best performance tonight.  He has that inner soul that is perfect for these types of songs.

Anoop - He has a little bit of R&B funk in him (My Prerogative anyone?) and should be able to build upon his solid performance last week.

Lil - You know she's gonna out-soul the other women still left in the competition.  She will probably give Danny a run for his money tonight.

Due for a Lackluster Effort:

Megan - I am so sick of this annoying creature.  It takes absolutely no talent to be able to stand behind a microphone and sway from side to side.  Her voice is so-so but her stage presence completely blows.  She may be able to bellow out a little bit of soul but I'm fairly sure I will not enjoy her performance at all.

Michael - He barely survived country week and I just don't see him channeling Smokey Robinson tonight.

Scott - He may do OK with jamming on the ivory during a bluesy song choice, but he's on thin ice and I just don't see a good fit for him in this genre.

Watch for Allison to be the dark horse tonight.  She's got that little funky side that could work well with a Motown song.


Mommy, Esq. said...

I think Scott is more boring than Megan is annoying so I think he has to go. I am starting to be a fan of Allison - and not just because she has a good name. :)

T. said...

Will Motown night really be that different from Michael Jackson night? I am not sure. I am with you on your top and bottom picks for the night and am also rooting for Allison. I missed Idol last night...

Mommy, Esq. said...

You were right in your bottom 3.

Jordan said...

Yep, and Allison was a dark horse. But I keep underestimating Adam. He can thrive no matter what the competition is. I was off on Lil. She's really not bringing her A game.