Monday, March 16, 2009

People Like Their Facebook The Way It Is

Over the last few days, most of America (who isn't on the site nowadays) has come face-to-face with the new face of Facebook.  Once again, The Facebook has decided to revamp the look and layout of the main page which is quite possibly the most visited single page on the internet.  

The new format does not contain many drastic changes but moves the status/news feed area to a much more prominent location.  The new news feed area features rounded profile pictures and looks very Twitter-esque in design (for the record, I have not signed up for The Twitter....yet).  While I consider the changes to be very minor, most of Facebook nation is already up in arms over the redesign.  Some of the status messages I've seen over the past few days include:

  • Holly doesn't like this new Facebook thing, it's weird.
  • is trying to get the hang of this new interface...
  • just got hit with the "new" Facebook layout. Booo.
  • is not sure why FB moved to a less intuitive way to update your status
  • not sure about this FB change.. ugh

In addition the What's your Status to What's on your Mind question change at the top of the page brought about this comment from one of my friends:  

  • nothing is on my mind. why is this being asked of me?

I'm perfectly fine with the new look/features (especially the ability to hide certain annoying friends' status updates without mercilessly de-friending them) and I'll just go with the flow.  I really don't feel like joining Twitter though since Facebook status is essentially the same thing.  Apparently all the celebs do it now though, so I may eventually need to succumb to be able to know what Ashton Kucher is doing every minute of the day.

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T. said...

I guess I'm not freaking out about it like most other people on Facebook, but I do think the new page is way too busy - there's needs to be more white space. And it's too Twitter-like now. I can't decide how I feel about Twitter. I like seeing what the celebs are saying.