Monday, March 2, 2009

So Long Heroes

Dear Heroes,

I think I've finally made the decision to delete you from the scheduled show list on my DVR.  We had some memorable times both good and bad over the last few years.  I was amazed with the strong story arc of the first season as we were introduced to a group of interesting characters.  On the flip side I wish I could forget the boring trip to feudal Japan for Hiro and company and Mohinder's transformation into The Fly.  Thanks for wasting my time with the crying Mexican siblings as well.  

The main reason I'm leaving you is that you're trying too hard.  You keep throwing new uninteresting characters at me and I find myself overwhelmed with way too many plot lines.  I no longer care about any of the characters on your show (with the exception of Sylar).  Unfortunately I think the next time I see Zachary Quinto he'll be wearing Spock ears in May.  I hope someone manages to save the world again eventually and maybe I'll check back in on DVD when all is said and done (I give you one more season then inevitable cancellation).  I just don't care about Nathan Petrelli and his shady politics or Matt Parkman and his forced relationship with the uber-annoying Daphne or any goofy plot point your writers bestow upon Hiro and Ando.  I have better shows (Lost, Fringe, 24) to fill my free time with.

Regards and Salutations,

Jordan L. Rose

PS:  Tim Kring, if you learn one lesson from this debacle it should be that less is more.

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Mommy, Esq. said...

I'm still sticking with it but I 100% agree - especially about the annoying Mexican siblings. God they were terrible. 24 is like this too - introduces new characters and doesn't follow through on current ones.