Thursday, March 12, 2009

South Park is Back, as Good as Ever

My second favorite cartoon of all time (Beavis and Butthead will always be #1 in my heart) returned last night was a spot-on satirization of The Jonas Brothers.  Highlighted by a foul-mouthed Mickey Mouse character (serving as the head of the Disney machine), the episode reveals the true colors of the whole Jonas Brothers craze and takes a few hilarious shots at Evangelical Christians.  Thankfully when Daughter gets to the age of a pre-teen, the Jonas Brothers will be coked-out has-beens (I'm sure some new boy band will take their place though). 

Take a look at the clip below or view the whole episode online at Comedy Central.  South Park is still going strong in season 13, cementing my claim that Matt Stone and Trey Parker possess two of the greatest minds in comedic history.  Now if only they would set some time aside to make a sequel to Team America: World Police.

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