Monday, March 30, 2009

Tiger Woods = Best. Athlete. Ever.

It seems that every year we are reminded once again why Eldrick Tiger Woods is the greatest athlete to ever set foot on the Earth.  Last year it was the incredible US Open victory at Torry Pines on a shredded knee.  And this year it's the fact that he roared back from being 5-down at the start of the final round of the Bay Hill Invitational to win on a typical Tiger-esque 18th hold birdie putt (shown above).  In only his third event since returning from major knee surgery, Tiger is officially back and I wouldn't bet against him at Augusta next week.

I know Tiger has his haters (my brother, Mersfelder and others), but I've been behind El Tigre since day one and enjoy being able to follow him in the prime of his career.  I vividly remember sitting in a Syracuse bar in '96 (I know Jeff remembers too) watching him push his way to the top of the leaderboard during his Friday round at the Masters.  Since he's only 7 months younger than I am, I'll probably be able to follow his entire career.  Josh and Alex won't be able to really appreciate him until they get a little older (although Josh HAS seen him in person a few years ago).  I'm definitely going to take Josh (and maybe Alex) to Tiger's DC tournament again this year.  Those of us who enjoy following greatness need to hope that his rebuilt knee holds up for the long run.

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