Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tonight's Applefied Idol

The rumor spreading around the interwebs is that the "secret" theme for tonight's Idol is iTunes top downloads.  Unfortunately, this theme is rather vague to predict who will excel and who will not in tonight's singing competition.  Therefore I will not give my usual predictions of the top 3 and bottom 3 and instead rank the remaining Top Nine in order of who I believe currently has the best chance to win this thing.

1.  Adam Lambert - This is now his competition to lose.  Last week's mellow rendition of Tracks of my Tears showed he can tone it down when he needs to.

2.  Matt Giraud - I really think Matt has jumped over a few former front runners.  The judges seem to think he gives off a Justin Timberlake vibe (I'm still so-so on his ability).  A far cry from when he went all faux Chris Martin on us.

3.  Danny Gokey - I think he needs to pull a ballad off tonight.  Too many high-energy numbers have pigeon-holed him into a certain type of song.

4.  Lil Rounds - Oh how the mighty have fallen.  My pick to win it all has struggled a bit in the last few weeks and needs to rebound tonight with a R&B jam.

5.  Anoop Desai - Noop Dogg is climbing the rankings week after week.  If Lil doesn't shape up, he could outlast her.  I predict Anoop will rock the house tonight with a current song that gets the crowd going.

6.  Kris Allen - He reminds me too much of Jason Castro, although he can sing better than Castro.  I don't see him cracking the top 5.

7.  Allison Iraheta - She is still the underdog that could shock the world and finish top-three but I have a feeling she struggles tonight for some reason.

8.  Megan Joy - She sucks at singing.  She sucks at dancing.  And really she ISN'T ALL THAT HOT Paula.  Her gross tattoo makes me vomit.  Please please send her home this week.

9.  Scott MacIntyre - OK, you're the best blind singer in Idol history, but you've worn out your welcome.  I may actually have to fast forward through his performance tonight if he brings out another plain vanilla piano song.

Next week we'll hopefully have a more tangent theme and I can predict who will sail and who will fail.  Rose out.


T. said...

I was JUST going to email and ask what the theme was tonight! Thanks!

I agree that Danny has to do a ballad tonight, he is heading into Taylor Hicks pigeon-hole territory. And I'm kind of liking Matt these days, at least after last week. Hmmm. Also regretting my Lil Rounds overall pick. Oh well...

Unknown said...

Like your new rankings. Basically agree with all positions.