Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wild and Wacky Basketball Weekend

So a LOT has happened over the past few days (including one embarrassing moment in front of 16,000 people) since I last posted and most everything of note is basketball related. Rather than spew out some paragraphs describing everything I'm offering up a timeline starting on Thursday night.

Thursday | 9:30 PM - After getting my weekly Survivor on, I settle in for UConn vs Syracuse in the Quarterfinals of the Big East Tournament.

Friday | 1:22 AM - 70 minutes and six overtimes later, the game is over and my Orange win 127-117. The best college hoops game I've ever witnessed and I'm totally wired.

Friday | 1:45 AM - After calling my friend and fellow alum Navin to remark on what we just witnessed, I manage to somehow fall asleep.

Friday | 7:00 AM - My alarm goes off and I'm up and off to work (still in a basketball stupor after that crazy game).

Friday | 10:00 AM - I make plans to go watch the Big East Semifinals against West Virginia with my sister-in-law Besse and her parents (WVU fans) as well as Navin and his fiancee.

Friday | 9:30 PM - The SU / WVU game tips off with us watching at my brother and sister-in-law's apartment (Nate is at school at UVA so he's not watching with us).

Friday | 10:30 PM - Besse's parents leave at halftime (not sure if they're tired or frustrated that their team is losing at the half).

Friday | 11:45 PM - After another overtime, Syracuse hangs on and beats WVU to advance to the Big East Final. One more game tomorrow night.

Friday | 12:20 PM - Back at home and before bed, I order one of these shirts online.

Saturday | 12:00 PM - I embark on a 4-hour fantasy baseball draft that (thanks to Syracuse and the Big East tourney) I am under-prepared for.

Saturday | 9:00 PM - I start watching the Syracuse / Louisville Big East title game.

Saturday | 10:00 PM - Despite playing 7 overtimes in just over 24 hours, Syracuse is actually beating the #1 team in the Big East by 8 at halftime. I can't believe this is actually happening.

Saturday | 11:15 PM - The Orange run out of gas and lose to Louisville by 10.

Sunday | 4:30 PM - Josh and I head out to Uncle Nate and Aunt Besse's place to get ready for Josh's first Wizards game.

Sunday | 6:00 PM - The Wizards game tips off and josh is elbow deep in a big bag of popcorn.

Sunday | 6:35 PM - I find out that Syracuse jumped to a number 3 seed in next week's NCAA tourney. I thought for sure they were a 4 but I guess multiple overtimes does something for your reputation.

Sunday | 8:00 PM - Thanks to an earlier botched promotion where Josh was going to be on the big screen but there was never a stoppage in play to make it happen, we got to go out on the Wizards court during a 3rd quarter timeout. As part of the Papa Johns 3-point shot promotion, Josh was allowed to go on the court along with an adult to shoot the shot that would win everyone free Papa Johns pizza. Unfortunately for everyone in attendance, he picked me. All my practice in the Bahamas did nothing for me and I botched the attempt big-time. Josh had fun though and it was really nice to be able to take my son out on the court during an NBA game. You can see some of the terrible attempt in a video my brother took below. I got a little bit of ribbing on my way back as people claimed my miss was due to the Syracuse hat I had on.

Sunday | 9:30 PM - Josh goes to bed after a memorable first professional basketball game.  We stayed until the very end of a 106-104 Wizards victory.  Josh is 1-0 on the season and I am a crazy 4-1.  Keep in mind the Wizards are 16-51 on the season.  Josh was a trooper all the way and had a great time, not complaining about being tired while going to bed two hours past his bedtime. His tally for the game: 3 free t-shirts (1 papa johns for him, 1 for me, and another for him that he won for the earlier missed promotion), 1 free burrito card he caught, 1 bag of popcorn, two waters and a pretzel.

Sunday | 10:00 PM - I finish this blog and I'm all basketballed out for one weekend. The madness starts again for me on Friday as Syracuse starts their run in the Big Dance.


Anonymous said...

I wish I had taken a better video so the world could see how disgusting of a shot you took. Folks, Jordo missed the rim by a good 3-4 feet. LAME!

Jordan said...

Depth perception. I bet I would at least hit rim if i tired again (without mascots on the court). I'd bet $20 straight-up.

Lynn said...

Where's the video? it's not on this page on my computer.