Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ze Plane! Ze Plane!

I've lived in the DC metro area my entire life and have never been to Gravelly Point Park, the recreation area just north of National Airport along the Potomac River in Arlington, VA.  Looking for something to do on "guys weekend" I decided to take the boys out there this afternoon.  Two of us loved watching the planes and had a great time.  Alex was a little indifferent.  It's actually a great spot for a picnic or to let the kids run around on a nice day, breaking from time to time to watch planes either land of takeoff.  Planes were taking off to the North today so we could see them lift off and bank sharply to the West overhead.  I found out later that all planes immediately turn to the left to avoid entering restricted airspace over DC.

Josh loved every second of it and didn't want to leave (especially since there were some big planes waiting in the taxi line).  Alex liked the smaller planes but when the big jets took off he would run and cling to my leg for a few seconds.  He never cried but he was ready to go home before Josh was.  For some reason, watching the planes take off never gets old for me.  I find it almost as hypnotizing as watching assembly lines.  I'm sure we'll (at least Josh and I) be heading back later in the Spring.  I'm wondering if we can find a day when the planes are coming in from the North so we can see a few landings up close.

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Puneet said...

We used to go to Gravelly Point all the time as kids. I had quite the obsession with airplanes, so my parents would humor me and we'd go. I find it just as hypnotizing as you do, but without the obsession of assembly lines (unless you're talking Krispy Kreme donut manufacturing).