Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jim Gaffigan, Squeez Bacon

Continuing my trend of bacon-related posts, I ran across a new product that once again would be right up Jim Gaffigan's alley. (By the way, if you haven't seen King Baby on Comedy Central, you're really missing out.  SEE BELOW) I present to you Squeeze Bacon, a bacon product that oozes out of a handy squeezable bottle. This is the brain child of Sweedish entrepreneur Vilhelm Lillefläsk.

According to Lillefläsk, Squeez Bacon is
fully cooked 100% bacon. Due to the patented electro-mechanical process by which Squeez Bacon® is rendered, it requires no preservatives or other additives. Each serving is as healthy as real bacon, and equivalent to 4 premium slices of bacon! You can put it on sandwiches, pizza, pastas, bacon, soups, pies, eat it hot or cold (warm Squeez Bacon® on toasted rye is to die for), substitute it for bacon in your recipes, or even eat it right out of the tube like we do!

For some reason I don't really see how this could taste good either (same way I felt about Bacon Vodka). I imagine it may look/taste something like this:

I'm not saying I wouldn't try it (I'll try anything food related) but I just don't see too much of a need for spreadable bacon in my day-to-day culinary adventures.  Speaking of bacon, here are some outtakes from Gaffigan's stand-up on Comedy Central.  If you haven't seen this guy perform do yourself a favor and DVR the next showing of King Baby.  If you don't laugh hysterically I give you permission to punch me in the face next time you see me.

PS:  Yesterday's post was indeed an April Fool's for those who didn't catch on.

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