Wednesday, April 1, 2009

J.J. Abrams Announces Plans For Lost Spinoff Series

I'm a huge fan of J.J. Abrams and really feel that he's been putting out hit after hit over the last few years.  In a move that is a little surprising though, Abrams and his production company Bad Robot have announced that casting and pre-production is under way for "Found", a follow-up series to Lost that will premier in the Fall of 2010 on ABC.  It's unclear whether any of the same cast members currently staring in Lost will be signed on to appear in the new show.   Abrams has stated that the events of Found will be tied in some way to the plot of the last few episodes of Lost which ends its run in May 2010.

Personally I think this may be a bad decision to try to milk the cult audience that is engrained in Lost and I'm not sure what other story arcs related to the Oceanic passengers could be explored in a new series.  ABC plans to air Found in the same familiar Wednesday night time-slot that Lost currently occupies.  I do trust J.J. though so I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one.


Mommy, Esq. said...

Can I say I'm kind of sick of ensemble cast shows and plots that go on forever? It's like every cast regular thinks the show is only perfect if he or she is on it - so not true. You can be replaced.

Nello said...

Um...Doesn't anyone else remember that today is April Fools day?