Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Squash

The last few days I decided to get a 3-day pass to the Sport & Health gym near my office. A lot of my co-workers belong to the gym and I'm debating on whether I should switch from my current Bally Total Fitness commitment.  I liked the facilities at the Sport & Health and it is within easy walking distance from my office in Mclean, but our low corporate rate is only good for that location.  Therefore, going to the gym on the weekends would not seem practical.  I can get access to all Sport & Healths for $15 more.  I'm still debating internally about which way I'm going to go with my membership.  I'll probably wait until after Daughter is born to figure it out for sure.

Anyways, the reason I am bringing this up is that I took advantage of my 3-day pass yesterday morning and played some squash with my friend and co-worker.  He's a squash expert and had an extra racket for me to use.  The sport took a little getting used-to as the ball is very small and doesn't bounce as well as a racquetball.  The rackets are also abnormally skinny in diameter giving you an oval-shaped hitting surface to work with.  I kept missing balls off the frame of the racket and even whiffing on quite a few shots.  My friend beat me 9-0 in the first game after I had practiced some.  I then got more used to it and managed to lose 9-4 in the second game.  I really did enjoy it once I got the hang of it.   Needless to say I was sore for the rest of the day as squash makes you use all sorts of different muscles.  If I decide to join up at Sport & Health I just may start taking up the sport that shares the same name as my least favorite vegetable.

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