Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Tradition Unlike Any Other

This morning marks the annual rite of Spring for me as The Masters gets underway in Augusta, GA.  Time to cue the folksy CBS theme music (see below) and let Jim Nantz start spouting his sappy cliches.  The Masters is one of my personal favorite top two or three sporting events during the year.  It may be the best one to watch (especially with the advent of HD) as it is spread out over four days.  My Mom and step dad are actually making the pilgrimage down to Augusta this year with some friends to watch the event.  Burt (step dad) will probably go walk the course and follow most of the action while my Mom is planning on viewing from the 16th green (hopefully there is adequate handicapped access for her).  I'm jealous of both of them and I hope they have a great time.  With the exception of some passing storms tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be perfect.  Going to watch the Masters in person is definitely high up there on my bucket list.

As for my prediction on the winner of the 2009 Masters, I really like this golfer out of Windermere, FL who is coming off knee surgery.   I hear he plays pretty good down at Augusta.  I'm hoping the tourney isn't too close on Sunday at the end since I will probably be in my car when the green jacket is awarded.  At least there's always Slingbox to save the day.

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Lynn said...

It was a wonderful tournament!!!!