Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Final Four in Rock Mode

As I thought, Matty Giraud was sent home last week leaving us with the 4 best singers of the competition.  Good job America!  This week's theme is "Rock Week" which makes the prospect of picking songs for the contestants nearly impossible.  Instead, I will breakdown the final four and list what I believe should be the wagering odds going forwards.  Thankfully we're done with the snooze-fest that was Rat Pack Standards and now we can really get back to some high-energy performances.  And I'm PRETTY sure the contestants will actually sing twice THIS week.

Adam Lambert - 3-5 to win it all
As I've said before, it's Adam's contest to lose.  He delivers all-star performances week after week and it looks like he's already on tour.  It does seem a bit unfair that he's had all this Broadway experience, but he's clearly the best singer/entertainer of the bunch.  Melinda Doolittle and Daughtery went down right about now in their respective seasons, so he needs to watch out this week.  If he makes the finals though, it's a stone cold lock.

Kris Allen - 4-1 to win it all
Kris has a slight chance because he is pretty much the polar opposite of Adam but just as creative.  He'll need to really work on changing the arrangements of his songs down the stretch to keep pace.  Kris will have to hope for the front-runner backlash (or the rumored voter backlash about the fact that Adam is gay) to have a real chance.

Danny Gokey - 5-1 to win it all
Could still sneak in and take the title as the sentimental pick.  People keep forgetting that his wife passed not too long ago and here he is with a chance to win the whole thing.  He'll do well on Rock Night and needs to find songs that allow him to stretch his vocals.

Allison Iraheta - 9-1 to win it all
She's the dark horse in the final four but I just don't see her having much of a shot to win.  I expect her to be good tonight though (if I have to pick one song, I'd like to see her sing Joan Jett's "I Love Rock n' Roll").  I agree with what Simon says when he claims that she doesn't believe that she can win the competition.  I feel that at this point she's just happy to be here.

I wish I could setup my DVR to automatically skip all portions of the show in which Paula speaks or stands up and dances during the song.  Happy Cinco De Mayo to all my Spanish and Mexican readers!  I'll have a Corona for you today.


Anonymous said...

Melinda Doolittle finish Third! and should have win.

Stacey said...

I think Danny is going to win. I actually had a dream about it last night. So I'm going with my ESP and predicting his win.

Mommy, Esq. said...

What, no song predictions? Boo!