Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Idol Battle Royale

What... did you think I would miss my Idol preview post just because we had a third baby last night?  Bitch please.....  If Stacey can post the night of HER delivery, I can certainly post the day after considering Lori did all the work last night.  Anyways, we're down to F3 on Idol and I really expect a no-holds-barred showdown in Hollywood tonight.  

The three best singers remain and the format tonight is two songs for each singer.  One song is judge's choice and the other is singer's choice.  Should make for an interesting battle and creativity should reign.  With another wide open format I'm totally not picking songs for each contestant.  I guess after Final Five it really becomes a moot point to guess the songs.  I think Kris is in trouble this week and needs to dominate Danny in order to go up against Adam in the finals.  Only a gay backlash could knock Adam out this week.  

With so many options on the table for these three, I actually expect Adam and Kris to perform better than Danny.  These two have upped the bar in terms of originality throughout Season 8.  They are willing to take risks with songs and totally change the arrangement.  At least one of the two songs from Adam and Kris will be completely re-done while I expect Danny to do what he's been doing and deliver two copycat performances.  Last week's "Dream On" rendition was pathetic.  He just tried to be Stephen Tyler with a voice that doesn't have nearly the range of Tyler's.  

Regardless of the song choices and how they perform, I expect Danny to cruise on into the finals due to his popularity advantage over Kris.  Please Idol, stop at 9:00!  I don't want my season finale of Fringe (with Leonard Nimoy) to be pushed back.

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Stacey said...

Thanks for the props :-) Of course Lori DID do all the hard work so I did expect you to post! I hope the breastfeeding is going well and can't wait to see her post about it when she has more time/energy.