Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Relaxing Birthday

It's May 14, 2009 (or 2 days AR - after Rebecca) and our cute new addition is doing great.  She went to her doctor's appointment today and got the standard foot prick test.  I'm not quite sure why they have to completely stain 5 circles on a test sheet in blood, but it seemed to take forever and Rebecca was not thrilled.  It was the most I'd heard her cry since she's been born.  She really seems to be a mild mannered little girl thus far.  She rarely fusses and spends about 95% of the day sleeping and making little squeaky noises.  (Ignore the nasty crusty umbilical cord remnant in the picture as it should fall off in a few days)

As a sharp contrast to my last birthday in which I spent it across the country in Seattle working on the Safeco website, this birthday is more relaxing and enjoyable as I get to take the day off and spend it at home with Lori and Rebecca.  I took a short break to play 9 holes at a nearby course (very windy but overall a solid round) as Mom and daughter slept.  Now I'm planning on resting a bit with Little Miss Sleeps-a-Lot and then going and getting the kids from daycare.  Tonight we'll probably head out for our first 5-person family dinner at Mike's Great American restaurant.  After getting back and putting the kids to bed I'll need to straighten up the joint, watch some birthday Survivor and get ready for Lori's parents to arrive late-night tonight.  The Gecik cavalry will arrive bearing food and assistance around the house.  They are always very welcome guests but especially more so during the time after a birth.  I'm sure Nonna is very eager to see her first granddaughter.

Since the Geciks will be in town for at least a week, I'll get back to normal workday life tomorrow and all next week.  It was nice to enjoy a few days off and I really feel fortunate to have a healthy and happy family (well mostly happy as Alex is increasingly protesting his trips to daycare each day).  Thanks to all for the birthday wishes today.  It seems that birthdays become more important/celebrated in the Facebook/Twitter age.  And remember, 34 is the new 24.  Believethat!


Lynn said...

I'd like to wish my "baby" a happy 34th birthday! I love you!

Mommy, Esq. said...

I was totally going to ask you on FB whether Lori was letting you go golfing but then thought, probably not. I should have known better. :)

Shira said...

Happy Birthday, Jordan! A fabulous week of birthdays for the Rose family!