Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Solid Mother's Day (except for one "small" thing)

I think Lori had a good Mother's Day overall today as the Rose boys (all three of us) tried to be on our best behavior.  I woke up, took the kids and made pancakes for the family (I'm actually getting pretty good at making pancakes, thus providing 1% of the culinary expertise in the household).  While Lori went to the gym (still working it with less than a week until the due date), I took the boys to Josh's tee ball class.  He started using a glove for the first time and we'll have to go buy him his own glove soon enough.  I was worried about Alex wanting to play with "the guys" but he was fascinated by grass and spent the whole practice picking "plants" and giving them to me.

That was the end of Alex being good for the rest of the day.  When we got home, he was iffy with his lunch and both of the boys took a terrible nap which consisted of several false starts and Lori playing nap cop.  Unfortunately during this tirade I had to go to the gym and could not be the assistant sleep officer.  Once I returned, Alex was getting up from his nap and was a complete wreck.  He cried through his snack and then proceeded to whine for about 15 minutes straight.  The highlight of his tantrum was picking up the step stool and slamming in to the ground over and over.  Each slam brought about a stare right at Lori and I as if we should be afraid of him.  He doesn't realize that his three-foot-nothing frame is not very imposing.

After calming him down, we all went for a walk to the playground (the weather was absolutely perfect in the DC metro area today).  Alex cried through much of the walking but was OK once he and Josh started messing around on the slides.  Again I was reminded about how much I wish we had a backyard and a swing set.  This will be a requirement at the next house (along with a basement bar).  The day ended with a quality meal from Chopstix Express (wasn't about to let Lori cook today).  All in all it was a pretty solid Mother's Day even if Alex decided to make it all about him and his emotional issues.

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms, especially the one who's about to triple her Mother status.  When that event occurs is anyone's guess, but I'm putting my money on May 14th (my birthday) which also serves as the official due date.  What I am really dreading is the reaction of one emotionally unstable two-year-old when Mom has to be occupied with the new addition.  It may make Alex's mood today seem sunny in comparison.

PS:  Don't ask me if the baby has been born.  When the event occurs, you will find out via Facebook, Twitter, this blog, email and possibly telegraph.  The name will be revealed at birth, but if anyone wants to place their bets in the comments section, feel free.


T. said...

I don't have any bets, but I just wanted to comment that I am impressed that both you AND Lori made time for the gym today. You two are an inspiration!! I need to get my butt in gear. Happy Mother's Day Lori!!

Mommy, Esq. said...

Is Alex teething? Sounds like teething. We had a rough Mother's Day too - Penny isn't eating much of anything now. Husband and I are kind of wrecks. Give Lori a big kiss for me - and I'm probably coming on Sunday June 14th for the day (staying with Allie that weekend).