Thursday, May 21, 2009

The V Trailer - Lizard Aliens are BACK!

I'm all sorts of excited for the return of V on ABC and now we have the official trailer at It definitely captures some of the spirit of the original and I really love the quick shots of lizard skin we see towards the end. The cast looks solid (highlighted by Lost's Elizabeth Mitchell) and the effects seem decent. I'm hopeful that this could be another solid reboot a la Battlestar Galactica. The executive producer is Emmy-nominated Scott Peters, the person behind the acclaimed USA series The 4400. No official series start date for V, but ABC has it mentioned as a mid-season series in their Fall lineup. I really didn't expect the show to be produced this quickly after only hearing about it in January. Let's hope they don't rush this and botch the chance to fill the void left by BSG.

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Anonymous said...

That looks awesome. I am in.