Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day One of Guys Vacation

So the big trip out to West Virginia was actually a lot less painful than I imagined. The kids were real good in the car and watched several DVDs before we stopped to get food at Sheetz (the Wawa of the WV/Ohio/PA region). I even got them to sleep for a little bit during the last half-hour or so. Once we arrived at Oglebay Resort we briefly met my Mom at the lodge then headed to the (appropriately named) Rosebud cottage to unpack our stuff.

As soon as we got settled we drove to the nearby outdoor pool to meet up with some of the cousins. Josh had a blast and has been playing with his 7-year-old 2nd cousin Jackson ever since. The two of them get along real well and Alex follows along in tow. Alex and I went to the nearby Kroger to get groceries for the next few days while Josh gave a Wii demo for the people in our cottage. At night after the kids went down (and while my cousin and her husband stayed at the cottage), I went to another nearby cottage to visit the Penton/Spath/Crummeys and played a little Rock Band on the XBOX 360. It was good catching up with that side of the family and I'm hoping I can take the kids to stop by sometime today to see some more of their 2nd cousins.

As we drove in yesterday around 1 PM, we drove by a few of the golf courses here. They are all in fantastic shape with lush green fairways. I totally wish I could go play 36 holes today AND tomorrow but I can't leave the kids to do-so. There's a chance I may try to go play the Par 3 course today with Josh. At least tomorrow I will be able to get in 18 holes with Nate and my cousin while the boys go to the nearby zoo with my Mom and some others.

Right now Jackson, Alex and Josh are playing on the floor with Jackson's 7-month-old brother Robby. There are 10 kids here 7 and under so this vacation truly has a "Romper Room" vibe to it. Tonight the WHOLE family will be getting together near the pool for a full family BBQ. Complete with "Talent Show" which should be interesting.

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