Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dia de Los Padres

I'm winding down on another Father's Day (my 4th!?!? already). Today was the first to celebrate with Rebecca and I spent a lot of the day with her sleeping on my chest as I watched the soggy epic that is the US Open. Alas Tiger is not really in contention anymore but I'll still have it on tomorrow at work on my spare laptop. I enjoy having Rebecca take naps on me. It really does give off a peaceful feeling to have a small infant resting on you. I have about 1 more year of this left to savor (perhaps nieces, nephews and grandkids can suffice later in life).

Lori made some bomblicious cinnamon muffins for breakfast (and perhaps desert) that were extremely fluffy and tasty. The boys wrote a homemade card for me (in a sad revelation I realized that Josh really does write the word "Dad" better than I do). It's still hard to believe this tall 4.5-year-old is the same little boy in the pool with me in Costa Rica (above pic). I got to sleep in a little bit (thanks to my all-star wife) and relaxed for most of the day outside of a gym visit and a spring cleaning of my car.

We were all set to head out to Chili's for dinner as a family when the boys once again decided to talk back and not listen. Alex continues to not understand the consequences of his actions and Josh is becoming an expert at back talk. I keep threatening to not go on the vacation with them on Wednesday (when in reality we have to go because we paid for it and Lori needs a break away from Super Alex and Josh). None of this seems to be working and it may be a while before Josh gets to play Wii again. Needless to say we ordered takeout from Chili's instead and gave the kids a basic boring dinner. Overall though Father's Day was solid for me. I may only do one hour of work tonight instead of three which would be a bonus as well.

Happy Father's Day to my Dad and all the other Dads out getting it done day after day.


Mommy, Esq. said...

Hmmm... Do you think Josh is egging on Alex's typical toddler behavior?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you shouldn't write your strategy on the inter-web. Josh is probably reading it.