Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shamone! MJ RIP / Vacation Recap

Double themed blog post tonight regarding two completely unrelated topics on the death of Michael Jackson and the end of the family vacation with the boys. At said family vacation in West Virginia on Thursday, I got a text message from Lori notifying me (and by proxy everyone else on the vacation) that The King of Pop had died of cardiac arrest in LA. I was instantly shocked by the news and then slightly depressed by it because for me, Michael Jackson is one of the most influential music artists of my time and I grew up listening to his hits. The fact that the Michael Jackson from the '90s and 2000's became a complete freak-show train-wreck of a man does indeed tarnish his legacy. But Thursday evening I kept thinking back to the MJ of Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad and Dangerous, before all the kid-touching and baby-dangling ensued. We all knew the life of Michael Jackson was not going to end well but I didn't think it would end this soon. The HIStory album (which includes a greatest hits CD) will continue to get solid playtime on my iPod and MJ music will always equal an instant jam at any wedding reception.

Josh, Alex and I got back earlier today from a fun-filled three-day adventure in the mountains of West Virginia. The past two nights I switched the sleeping arrangements so I shared a bed with Josh. Alex is a complete nut-case and would squirm and wiggle through the night. Each night we put Alex to bed in a vertical position with his head at his pillow and he almost always ends up horizontal in the morning. I got more sleep the last two nights as result of sharing with Josh. It didn't help though that the room we slept in is pitch black and only had one outlet. I had to sacrifice lamp light for being able to charge my phone at night. Therefore, Alex woke up at 3 AM last night looking for his water cup and stumbled loudly over his backpack and other items on the floor waking both Josh and I up (as I frantically tried to use my phone to provide some light - dropping it in the process). Sleeping aside, the vacation went off without a major hitch.

My cousins Matt and Mollie were kind and brave enough to escort the boys to the Zoo yesterday morning while Nate and I played 18 holes at the pristine Spiedel Golf Club at the resort. Nate was on his game and beat me by two strokes (Nate, I think I still owe you "something" from our bet). It was a fun round as I hadn't played 18 with Nate since just before his wedding two years ago. Nate assures me that Nate 3.0 (without school commitments) will be playing more golf. The boys had fun at the zoo and apparently Josh ate 2.5 hotdogs (followed up at dinner by three slices of cheese pizza). After one last night of games with my Mom and other family members, I packed it in last night and woke up and packed up the cottage for our drive out today. Josh did not want to see his new best friend Jackson (my cousin Jenny's middle child) leave this morning. I told him that we could visit him later this Summer when we go down to see Gran (my mom) again.

Since the kids behaved above average through the week, I stopped at Target on the way back and bought the Bolt DVD Josh had been craving for weeks. That kept them quiet for most of the drive back. The new DVD player is a moderate success. It didn't break during the trip but the biggest issue is that Josh has to control the menus of the DVD. He couldn't find the PLAY option on Bolt and I had to pull over to help. As we got going again, I realized the movie was playing in French! Luckily I helped guide Josh on how to fix that (thankfully he could read the word ENGLISH). Gotta get laundry done and a BJ's run tomorrow to get ready for reality back in the office on Monday.

I'm very proud of my two sons for being good troopers throughout the week on our trip. My aunt and uncle made a point of telling me last night that they behaved very well at the resort. It's good to be back with Lori and Rebecca (who is as calm and cute as I left her a few days ago). Only a few more weeks until Summer vacation part deux at the Jersey Shore.


Lynn said...

You have every reason to be very proud of those adorable well-behaved boys. Everyone enjoyed them!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you owe me something. I will claim said something at TopGolf tonight.