Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Two New Mario Games On the Way

I've never seen Josh as excited as he was yesterday on the drive back from school when I told him that not one but TWO new Mario games were coming out for the Wii. New Super Mario Brothers was announced yesterday at E3 (a nerd expo where all the big video game companies showcase the latest technology). This new version of the old school Super Mario Brothers side scrolling adventures allows for 4 people to play at the same time on one shared screen. I instantly knew that Josh and I would love playing this together. He is a Mario-addict and loves playing Super Mario 3 with me. However in that old Nintendo classic, we have to take turns playing Mario and Luigi in a two player game. In this new Wii update (due out at Christmas time), we'll be able to play at the same time (along with two other players if Alex or Lori are up for it). I showed him the video below last evening and he almost peed his pants for the first time since diapers.

Equally as exciting on the Mario front is Super Mario Galaxy 2. SMG 1 was the first game we bought for Wii back in 2007. I ended up beating the game (with Josh helping out slightly by collecting stars) and then Josh scratched the disc so it won't play anymore. By the time the sequel drops in 2010, Josh will be at the prime age to tackle it himself without assistance from me. I thoroughly enjoyed the original SMG experience on Wii so I am very excited about the next version as well.

I know you detractors will say "kids shouldn't be playing video games so much, blah blah blah..." I grew up at the beginning of the age of video games and I really believe they helped spark creative skills and especially hand-eye coordination. I went through numerous game systems and logged hours and hours of play and I turned out fine so I don't buy the hype that video games (in moderation) are bad for you. As soon as I became a father for the first time, I envisioned the day where my son and I could bond playing video games. Now that it's a reality, I am enjoying it more and more. When Josh starts BEATING me consistently, I probably won't enjoy it as much.

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Kids should play video games!