Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Early Xmas Gift Idea?

For those of you who really appreciate this blog and have a spare 15 grand lying around, a Man Wall would be an ideal gift for yours truly. Hybrid Space Furniture has put together a mashup of everything a real man (sports fan) could ever want in an entertainment center.

Ever since I was a youngster I've dreamed of having a sports ticket in my house. It's not as important these days in the age of the internet, but when I was younger and going to Memorial Stadium and Capital Centre to see games I thought the idea of real-time sports scores was the holy grail.

The ticker is just icing on the cake with the Man Wall which consists of all these wonderful features:

  • 42″ Vizio Flat Panel LCD HDTV
  • 3 – 26″ Vizio Flat Panel LCD HDTVs
  • 1000 watt Panasonic 5.1 Home Theater System
  • DVD player with 5-CD changer
  • iPod docking station
  • 2 – Wireless surround sound speakers
  • Live 7-foot sports ticker with built-in computer
  • 1 year free service for sport’s ticker
  • Full-size built-in beer refrigerated beer keg with tap
  • 1000 watt microwave oven
  • 2 cigar humidors (holds 25 cigars each) complete with gauges
  • 32-bottle wine rack

I personally think the wine rack may be a little too much, but how can you go wrong with a kegerator and 4 HDTVs. Baring a lottery win, I just don't see having $14,900 of extra funds to afford buying one of these. That being said, a man can still dream though.


Stacey said...

Is it wrong I think the TVs could be bigger? Yes, I am a very good wife :-)

Lynn said...

Sorry, that's a little more than my gift budget allows.