Friday, September 4, 2009

The Return of Beavis & Butthead?

Let it be known that my favorite cartoon of all-time is not South Park or the Simpsons or even the delightful Ren and Stimpy. Back in the mid-90's a juggernaut of comedic delight was born thanks to creator Mike Judge. Beavis and Butthead remains the pinnacle of television comedy for me. Some found it juvenile and annoying but I was fascinated with the subtle humor and voicing genius of Judge. The personalities of the two lead misfits complemented each other perfectly and when I stumble across reruns on MTV2 I feel compelled to stop and reminisce. The humor still holds up for me after over a decade since the show went off the air.

Imagine my joy and optimism once I read this exclusive interview with Mike Judge where he throws around the idea of a triumphant return to the big screen for the dynamic duo. Judge says that he's always imagined an older Beavis and Butthead working for a tech support company. Now that he's done with his latest film Extract and is retiring King of the Hill (and not a moment too soon), he may have time over the next few years to revisit B&B.

I think the idea of putting Beavis and Butthead in a tech support environment is genius. There are so many storyline possibilities and Judge could take advantage of the comedic goldmine that would be the Internet. The TV series ended before the internet took flight in the mainstream. I can totally see Butthead saying, "huh huh huh uh huh... Facebook... huh huh huh... you said Face." I'd love to see a return to television as well but Judge doesn't seem to bring that up as an option in his interview. I can envision Comedy Central getting on-board for a new Beavis and Butthead series.

For now I'll keep my expectations in check and simply hope that Judge considers bringing the concept out of storage. Below is a recent video of Beavis and Butthead promoting Extract proving that Judge's voice still has it.

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